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About (Personal Info)

The obligatory "About me..." so you know who the guy behind this page is. I'm Jake de Oude, and contrary to popular belief, "Jake" is not pronounced the English way. No, it's a name from Friesland, a province in the north of the Netherlands. Long story...

I've been living in Eindhoven, The Netherlands since 1998. I studied Computer Science at the Technical University, focused on Information Visualization and Human-Computer Interaction. Currently I'm employed by a publisher of casual games of Eindhoven.

My interests are rather diverse. In no particular order:

About this site

This is my third website. I won't provide you with links to my previous two, as they are taken down. I update this site at irregular intervals. And did I mention it is hosted on Sandcat, Stijn's server. And that he's a great help if things go kablooie?

Personal writings

Along the way I've written quite a few pieces of prose concerning this and that. Lacking a better place on my site, I've grouped them here. (Dutch)