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World Of Darkness Fonts

Originally published on 4 July 2004.

White Wolf Game Studio published a series of roleplaying games set in the World Of Darkness in the years 1991-2004. (Often referred to as "Old World of Darkness", or "oWoD".) The books use quite a lot of different fonts. This is my collection of them.


The fonts are all found in one big zipped file: World Of Darkness Fonts (June 4, 2004) [wodfonts-040704.zip, 2,191 KB].


The latest version is World Of Darkness Fonts (June 4, 2004) which collects the 'core fonts', plus the Polish fonts provided by Aliah (see below), and some other fonts provided by Aliah (Goudy, Sand, Aladdin, Bergell and Lazar). It also corrects some errors. (For example, the 'Tzimisce Revised' font is not Wilhelm Klingspor.)

Thanks / History

Many thanks to the guys and gals at alt.games.whitewolf — with their help I got the majority of the fonts together in, I think, 2000. After that I neglected this page for a long, long time. In 2002 some people sent me some additional fonts but I lost those in a disc crash. Among them was the font for Mage: The Ascension (Revised) :-( With the help of Dominika 'Aliah' Bodzak I added some adaptations of fonts with Polish characters in March 2004. These are found here, at the bottom of the page. She also collected the following fonts: Goudy, Sand, Aladdin, Bergell and Lazar.

How to help / contact me

As you can see in the table, I don't have all fonts. If you have the others, do not hesitate to contact me at jake (AT) sandcat (DOT) nl. This is also the address you can mail if you have any questions or comments.

About the tables

The format of the tables is quite simple: In the first column you can see the book the font is used for. The middle column gives you the official name of the font. The last column gives you the filename(s) that contain the font. Also in the last column are any readme-files that were included with the file. The readme-files are included in parenthesis. Sometimes I'm not sure which font is used exactly. In those cases I included both. (For example: the 'Assamites' fonts Aladdin and Arabian.)

Font Listing

Vampire: The Masquerade

Used in Typeface File name (name readme-file)
Vampire 2nd Lenarin lenarin.TTF
Vampire 2nd Delavan delavan_.TTF
Vampire Revised (Headers) Percolator Expert Percexp.ttf
Vampire Revised (Headers) Percolator Text Perctext.ttf
Vampire Revised (Headers) Percolator Bold Percbold.ttf
Vampire Revised (Headers) Percolator Regular Percreg.ttf
Vampire Revised (Main Text) Goudy go______.TTF
Vampire Revised (Main Text) Goudy Bold gob_____.TTF
Vampire Revised (Main Text) Goudy Bold Italic gobi____.TTF
Vampire: The Dark Ages DeRoos deroos__.TTF (deroos.txt)
Vampire: The Dark Ages Ermine  
Vampire Weaknesses Mistral Mistral.ttf
Sabbat 2nd Edition Wilhelm Klingspor Wilkli.TTF (wilhelm.txt)
Kindred Of The East Akira AKIRA___.ttf
Assamite Aladdin ALADDIN.TTF
Assamite Arabian-Normal Arabian2.ttf
Brujah Stucco 555 Stucco.ttf (brujahreadme.txt)
Brujah Langur  
Brujah, True Castellar Castelar.ttf
Daughters Of Cacophanoy Vivienne ViviDoC.TTF
Followers Of Set Lazar ex0749.TTF
Gangrel Balthazar Balth___.ttf
Gangrel Werewolf Regular Werewolf.ttf
Giovanni Wilhelm Klingspor Wilkli.TTF (wilhelm.txt)
Lasombra DeRoos Caps deroos__.TTF (deroos.txt)
Lasombra Ermine  
Malkavian Ad Lib BT Adlibn.ttf (malkavian.txt)
Malkavian Malkavian Font Malki.ttf (malkavian.txt)
Nagaraja Modified Viata Script SSi Viata.ttf (viatascript.txt)
Nagaraja Revised Sand Sand.ttf
Nosferatu Unicorn Regular Unicorn.ttf (nosferatu.txt)
Ravnos DeccaDisplaySSK Regular Deccd___.ttf
Ravnos Splash Regular splash__.ttf
Salubri Lithograph Lithogrn.ttf
Samedi DeRoos Caps deroos__.TTF (deroos.txt)
Samedi Ermine  
Toreador Abbess Regular Abbess__.ttf (abbessreadme.txt)
Tremere Dolphian Dolphian.ttf (tremere.txt)
Tzimisce 1st Edition Lombardic Lombardc.ttf
Tzimisce Revised Goudy TextLombardicCapitals goudtmlc.TTF
Tzimisce, Old Clan Lombardic Lombardc.ttf
Ventrue Wilhelm Klingspor Wilkli.TTF (wilhelm.txt)

Werewolf: The Apocalypse

Used in Typeface File name (name readme-file)
Werewolf: The Apocalypse Balthazar Balth___.ttf
Werewolf: The Apocalypse Werewolf Regular Werewolf.ttf
Werewolf: The Wild West Stagecoach Regular stagecoach.ttf
Hengeyokai Treefrog Treefrog.ttf
Kitsune KendolTC  
Werewolf Tribe Name Caps Claws Claws.ttf

Mage: The Ascension

Used in Typeface File name (name readme-file)
Mage: The Ascension (2nd Edition) Abbess Abbess__.ttf (abbessreadme.txt)
Mage: The Sorcerers's Crusade Clairvaux Clairvaux.ttf
Celestial Chorus Mordred Mordred.ttf
Cult Of Ecstasy Ambrosia Ambrosia.ttf
Euthanatos Castellar Castelar.ttf
Order Of Hermes Kosher Normal Koshn___.ttf
Order Of Hermes Enochian Regular enochian.zip
Virtual Adepts Arial Arial.ttf

Wraith: The Oblivion

Used in Typeface File name (name readme-file)
Wraith: The Oblivion Matrix Tall Mat_____.ttf
Wraith: The Great War Frankenstein frnkstnn.ttf

Changeling: The Dreaming

Used in Typeface File name (name readme-file)
Changeling: The Dreaming UmberSSK Umberssk.TTF
Changeling: The Dreaming BoydUncial Boyduncial.TTF
Changeling: The Dreaming Meath  
Changeling Headers Caslon Antique cas_antn.ttf
Boggan Rabbit Regular Rae_____.ttf
Eshu Merlin Merlinn.ttf
Nocker Nocker Cranky Nockc___.ttf
Redcap Bloody Bloody.ttf
Satyr Satyr Passionate Satyp___.ttf
Sidhe Sidhe Noble  
Sidhe Scythe scythe.ttf
Sidhe Skald  
Sluagh Sluagh Spooky Sluac___.ttf
Troll Troll Oathbound Trolo___.ttf

Hunter: The Reckoning

Used in Typeface File name (name readme-file)
Hunter: The Reckoning Crack House crackhouse.ttf
Hunter Dead History Bold Dead History Bold.ttf
Hunter Headers Dead History Roman Dead History.ttf

World Of Darkness

Used in Typeface File name (name readme-file)
World Of Darkness 1st Edition Merlin Merlinn.ttf
World Of Darkness 2nd Edition Professor  
World Of Darkness 2nd Edition Verve  
Gypsies Viata Script SSi Viata.ttf (viatascript.txt)

Polish Versions

I've included some fonts with additional Polish characters for your convenience.

File name (name readme-file) Typeface Used in
delavan-pl.TTF Delavan Vampire 2nd
Dolphian.pl.ttf Dolphian Vampire - Tremere
go______-pl.TTF Goudy Vampire Revised (Main Text)
gob_____-pl.TTF Goudy Bold Vampire Revised (Main Text)
gobi____-pl.TTF Goudy Bold Italic Vampire Revised (Main Text)
PERCEXP-pl.TTF Percolator Expert Vampire Revised (Headers)
PERCTEXT-pl.TTF Percolator Text Vampire Revised (Headers)
Sand-pl.ttf Sand Vampire - Nagaraja Revised
WvivDoC-pl.TTF Vivienne Cacophony Vampire - Daughters Of Cacophony